Corporate Social Responsibility

In full awareness of its “Corporate Social Responsibility”, Ak-Kim acts “ethically” and “responsibly” towards all stakeholders. The Company prioritizes social responsibility in all of its projects.

Sustainable growth and social responsibility play a determining role in the roadmap of Akkök Group of Companies. As a member of Akkök Group, Ak-Kim paid attention to operating in line with these principles since its initiation. In every operation aimed to achieve sustainable growth, Ak-Kim takes measures to protect the nature, environment and occupational health.

Ak-Kim Kimya has always been a company that attaches importance to sustainable development and aims to improve economic growth and well-being while protecting the environment and the life quality of all people in the world. Therefore, its innovative products aim to offer solutions that are beneficial for both people and the environment.

In addition, the Company is aware of the fact that it has responsibility towards all stakeholders in its operations. This awareness goes beyond legal requirements and the Company invests in humans, future, environment and relationship with stakeholders.

Some examples of our “Corporate Social Responsibility” practices include:

  • Open Door Policy

With the Open Door Policy it activated in 1999, Ak-Kim opens its facilities to official institutions and organizations as well as students that would like to visit the Company and get information. During these visits, information on Ak-Kim and the chemical industry is shared and Ak-Kim managers and employees try to help students in identifying future goals and selecting professions, thus increasing their awareness. Approximately 300 students visit Ak-Kim every year and receive technical information on operations.

In addition, “Chat with the CEO” meetings where working conditions are discussed in a great transparency are organized. In these periodical meetings, employees are encouraged to freely communicate with their managers. This proves the fact that the corporate culture of Ak-Kim is based upon transparency.

  • Ak-Kim Scholarship Program

Ak-Kim established a program known as Ak-Kim Scholarship in 1996. With the contributions of volunteering Ak-Kim employees, the Program gives scholarships to successful university students with limited economic means. A total of 108 students benefited from this scholarship fund since its inception.

  • Akkök Talent Seeds Project

Akkök Talent Seeds Project is a program to train new leaders that the Group needs. The Project aims to attract talented young people in time and improve their talents through trainings. Akkök Talent Seeds Project not only offers employment to new-graduates, but also provides internship and part-time job opportunities to students in their senior years.