Our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

Underpinning our mission of “We add value to life with chemistry”, it is our main priority as Ak-Kim Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. to establish sustainable relations in the process of supplying the materials necessary for the continuity of our production and service operations. In line with this core principle;

  • We ensure that all operations in our supply chain are carried out in accordance with the law and ethical rules,
  • We establish fair, impartial and transparent business relationships with all our suppliers without discrimination,
  • We consider quality, deadline performance, consistency, and price flexibility when choosing suppliers,
  • We aim to create long-term sustainable business associations with companies that fully meet our supplier selection criteria,
  • We work with suppliers who are competent, financially and operationally reliable and who have the necessary international/national certificates for the provision of all products and services,
  • Among our suppliers, we give priority to those who respect human rights, try to protect natural resources, invest in technology, and prioritize occupational health and safety,
  • We work with suppliers who carefully protect AK-Kim’s intellectual property, proprietary technologies, and personal data, and we carefully protect our suppliers’ intellectual property, proprietary technologies and personal data,
  • We adopt the United Nations Global Compact and observe the implementation of these principles throughout the supply chain,
  • We provide trainings to make strategic cooperation with suppliers sustainable and to contribute to their development,
  • We audit our suppliers in accordance with our purchasing criteria for performance monitoring and continuous improvement,
  • To ensure continuous improvement, we collaborate with our suppliers and encourage them to share feedback and sample practices.

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy is based on the basic principles and policies of Ak-Kim in the fields of business ethics, sustainability, quality, occupational health and safety, environment, energy and information security. Believing that responsible purchases can be made through a responsible supply chain that our suppliers have also adopted, we conduct our supplier relations within the framework of this policy.

Supply Chain Code of Business Ethics