British Council (5 star)

BSC Membership: We became a member of British Safety Council (BSC), which plays an effective role in development and approval processes of legislation and standards on health and safety in England, supports best practices in various countries, and provides various London-based services such as training, consultancy, and audit.

BSC Five Star Audit

We became subject to BSC Five Star audit to compare ourselves to the best practices throughout the world, to increase the trust of our stakeholders, and to determine our areas of improvement for a sustainable management system.

What is BSC Five Star?

BSC 5 Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit System, covering evaluation of 5 titles (i.e. policy and organization, strategy and planning, field applications, performance management, evaluation and review), as well as 66 sub-titles linked to these, involves detailed analysis of management systems and applications of organizations in this regard. In addition to these titles, leadership, senior management commitment and sustainability criteria are also taken into consideration during evaluation.