Sustainable Supply Chain

As Ak-Kim, we aim to cooperate with stakeholders in the supply chain on sustainability management and its components while realizing our sustainable growth strategy, to increase sustainability awareness and to support all activities with environmentally sensitive exemplary approaches.

Sustainable Supply Chain Policy and Supply Chain Code of Business Ethics are designed to ensure that the way suppliers do business is consistent with Ak-Kim values and existing legal regulations. Full compliance is expected from all suppliers.

Suppliers should prepare these rules for their own suppliers and establish principles of implementation.

Ak-Kim supplier audits question the compliance of suppliers with these rules, and suppliers are expected to improve by launching corrective action for non-compliance. Improvements made are checked with follow-up audits.

Ak-Kim may request the removal of any supplier employee who acts in a manner contrary to applicable legal legislation or contrary to these business principles and/or may terminate his contract with the relevant supplier. The method that the supplier will follow for suspicious behavior and rule violations contrary to ethical principles is described in the AK-Kim Supply Chain Code of Business Ethics. The communication mechanisms through which our stakeholders can communicate their complaints are Akkök Holding Ethics Committee and Ethics Hotline.

Akkök Ethics Hotline contact information:
0 850 202 66 15

Ak-Kim is committed to treating all notices in confidentiality and protecting the notification owners.

During the examination of a possible violation of the Code of Business Ethics, no action will be taken against the persons who have notified, participated in or assisted in the review of the violation (except in cases where the notice itself or the information provided is deliberately misrepresented).

Akkök Group of Companies Ethics Committee will protect the confidentiality of all notices.

If these principles are revised by Ak-Kim, suppliers undertake to accept the revised principles and, by adopting them, to comply with the principles set out herewith.

Supply Chain Code of Business Ethics