Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite (Food Quality)-E223 ANALYTICAL METHOD (Food Quality)-E223
Appearance White or pale yellow clear, crystalline with and odorof sulfur dioxide Visual
Concentration (Na2S2O5) min. % 98 (m/m) Titrimetric
SO2 content min. % 66,02 (m/m) (With Calculation)
Na2SO3 content max. % 1,5 (m/m) Titrimetric
Na2S2O3 content max. % 0,02 (m/m) Turbidimetric
Na2SO4 content max. % 2 (m/m) Turbidimetric
Iron (Fe) content max. 5 ppm Colorimetric
Heavy Metals
(Fe excluded, Pb content) max. 10 ppm Kolorimetric
Chloride (Cl) content max. % 0.02 (m/m) Titrimetric
Arsenic (As) content max. 0.5 ppm AAS
Lead (Pb) content max. 0.5 ppm AAS
Cadmium (Cd) content max. 50 ppb AAS
Selenium (Se) content max. 0.5 ppm AAS
Insolubility Gravimetric
pH (10% solution) 4-5,5 pHmeter
Mercury (Hg) content max. 0.1 ppm AAS
RAW MATERIAL CONTENT Sulfur, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Hydroxide
PACKAGING Delivered in 25 kg polyethylene bags, resistant to moisture and physical damage or in 900 – 1000 kg polypropylenebig-bags with polyethylene liners.



  • Anthichlore in bleaching in textile industry
  • Antiseptic in production of cellulose esters
  • Main raw material in production of sodium hydrosulfite, aromatic alcohols and aldehydes
  • Preservative and disinfactant in food and baverage industries as a source of sulfur dioxide
  • Antiseptic in fermantation process
  • Color removing in paint and leather industries
  • Disinfectant in cosmetic and canned industry
  • Various applications in paper, fiber, rubber and adhesive industries
Sodıum Metabısulfıte Food TDS
Sodıum Metabısulfıte Chemıcal TDS
MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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